Hi, I’m Anna

I live just outside Brighton in a sunny, colourful flat that matches the inside of my brain! I’m also a wedding photographer, so for many weekends in the summer I’m shooting weddings and the rest of the time designing fabulous websites for other small businesses who also feel like the world could be a bit more colourful. If you want a new website that’s a bit more you, then pop me a message and let’s make it happen. Let’s make the internet a brighter place!

When I’m not working, you’ll find me lifting weights at Crossfit, walking in the countryside and wandering around Brighton dipping into the quirky shops. I love tea and am obsessed with cats and dogs – I have a cat called Loki and he’s the king of the flat and my biggest goal in life is to rescue unwanted doggos.

“Anna, YOU HERO. It’s exactly what I want. You GET ME so much! This is SO good! My wife was like ‘holy shit that’s so much YOU!”

Dan Ackerley, wedding photographer